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The Team


Prof. Avishay Eyal

Principal Investigator

Prof. Eyal received his B.Sc. in EE from the Technion, Haifa, Israel in 1989, Master’s from Ben-Gurion University, Be’er Sheva, Israel, in 1993, and Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University (TAU). In 1999, he became a postdoc at CALTECH, Pasadena. In 2002, he returned to TAU, where he is currently teaching and conducting research in various topics of applied and theoretical optics including: polarization related phenomena, fiber optic communications, bio-photonics and fiber optic sensing. In recent years much of his research was focused on developing new fiber optic methods for distributed acoustic and vibration sensing (DVS and DAS).


Michael Sokolov

Lab Engineer


Nadav Arbel

PhD Student

I am a Ph.D. student at the school of Electric Engineering at Tel-Aviv University since March 2020.
I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Bar-Ilan University. My M.Sc. research focused on techniques for incoherent pulse compression for Laser Range Finder (LRF), under the supervision of Prof. Avi Zadok.
Between my Master degree and my PhD, I have worked for 5 years in ELOP and Ramot.
Currently working on methods for increasing the acoustic bandwidth of Quasi-DAS systems and on increasing DAS sensitivity using coherent pulse compression.

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Daniel Marima

PhD Student

My research focuses on shape sensing and imaging in multi-mode optical fibers.

Eran Burstein

MSc Student

Yossi Dadush

MSc Student



  • Sharon Gilead, “A spectroscopic fiber optic eye probe for early detection of memory disorders”


Ph.D. Students

  • David Kuperman (jointly with Prof. Moshe Tur), “A Time-Dependent Mueller-Like Formulation for the Study of PMD” (2005)

  • Avi Zadok, “Dynamic Optical Filters: Implementation, Characterization and Applications” (2008)

  • Adi Sheinfeld, “Photo-acoustic circular dichroism for protein detection” (direct track) (2013)

  • Idan Steinberg (jointly with Prof. Israel Gannot), “Multispectral photoacoustic method for the early detection and diagnosis of Osteoporosis disease” (2016)

  • Haniel Gabai – “Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors” (2018)

  • Lihi Shiloh – “Dynamic Strain Sensing” (2021) (jointly with Prof. Raja Giryes)


Master Students

  • Nir Simon (A program without thesis), “The Dependence of the Output Stokes Parameters on the State of an Arbitrarily Located Polarization Controller in PMD Mitigation Schemes” (2004)

  • Gadi Gurfinkel, “PMD measurements in non-unitary systems and non-unitary PMD compensation” (2007)

  • Shachar Ainbinder (A program without thesis), “Polarization Mode Dispersion Implementation of a real time equalizer” (2007)

  • Ohad Gal, “PMD Mitigation via Polarimetric Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (POTDR)” (2008)

  • Eran Kaufman, “Novel signals for Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR)” (2008)

  • Oren Buskila (jointly with Dr. Mark Shtaif), “Secure Communication in Fiber Optic Systems via Transmission of Broad-Band Optical Noise” (2009)

  • Gil Linenberg (jointly with Prof. Rafi Korenstein and Prof. Shmuel Sternklar), “Measurements of erythrocytes elastic modulus using differential confocal microscopy” (2009)

  • Ariel Oni, “An interferometric fiber optic sensor array” (2012)

  • Ori Weinstein, “Novel polarimetric approaches for fiber optic sensor arrays” (2012)

  • Elad Bergman, “Photo-acoustic spectroscopy for protein detection” (2009)

  • Amit Issaroff, “A fiber optic sensor array for underground detection of acoustical activity ” (2012)

  • Tom Shperber, “Application of Radar Signals in Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry” (2010)

  • Inon Katz, “A fiber optic sensor array based on fiber Bragg gratings ” (2012)

  • Yossi Grots, “Detection of underground activity” (2012)

  • Oren Sagiv, "Photoacoustic imaging of spinal nerve cells " (2012)

  • Hadas Hershkovich "The use of nanoparticles in Photoacoustic imaging" (2014)

  • Dror Arbel “A reflectometric fiber optic sensor array ” (2014)

  • Adva Bar-Am, “A fiber optic array of hydrophones” (2015)

  • Lihi Shiloh, “Distributed fiber sensors signal processing” (2015)

  • Benjamin Kohn, “Spectral Band Analysis for OFDR Systems” (2016)

  • Itai Shpatz, "Fiber optic sensing" (2018)

  • Nina Shpalensky (jointly with Dr. Yossi Yovel), "Recording bats via optical fiber sensors" (2018)

  • Daniel Marima (jointly with Dr. Alon Bahabad), "inscribing gratings in waveguides using femtosecond lasers" (2019)

  • Dekel Yadid, "Phase synthesis in circuit imager" (2020) 

  • Maya Yanko, “Compressed distributed acoustic sensing” (2021)


B.Sc. Students (final project)

  • Michal Galperin "Development of an ocular Photoacoutic imaging system"

  • Noa Berger " Development of an ocular Photoacoutic imaging system"

  • Ido Sheinfeld “A laser diode based photoacoustic system”

  • Ariel Lipovetzky “A laser diode based photoacoustic system”

  • Gilad Koifman “Distributed sensing with a multimode fiber”

  • Tomer Avrahami “Distributed sensing with a multimode fiber”

  • Dor Yaakobovich “A modulator based fiber sensor interrogator”

  • Netanel Savich “A modulator based fiber sensor interrogator”

  • Eyal Leviatan “Field test of a fiber optic sensor array”

  • Omri Levi “Multi-spectral photoacoustic system”

  • Yuval Luxenburg “Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry”

  • Tomer Grinblat “Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry”

  • Itamar Cohen "Distributed Acoustic Sensing"

  • Noa Zaltzman "Distributed Acoustic Sensing" 


 TAU Youth education program (Future Scientists and Alpha program)

  • Yaron Itkin "Reflectometric fiber sensors"

  • Itay Bloch "Reflectometric fiber sensors"

  • Maya Sarid "Effect of phase noise on DAS"

  • Amichai Etzion "Effect of non-linear scan on DAS"

  • Omer Arian "Phase noise characterization in optical fiber-based sensors"

  • Liav Cohen "Real time analysis of OTDR systems"

  • Yair Ben Naeh "Pulse compression comparison in Q-DAS systems: Ternary codes vs. Binary codes"


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