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Avishay Eyal

Full Professor

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I love science and technology and feel very lucky that my job is also my hobby. I find interest in both basic science and applied science but researches with clear and practical applications are what excite me the most.  

Research Interests:

Polarization related phenomena in optical fibers

Propagation of light in optical fibers
Fiber optic sensing


Academic and Professional Experience

Course Offering

Academic and Professional Awards

Membership in Professional Societies

Administrative Activities



Post Doctoral Scholar in Applied Physics

California Institute of Technology

Department of Applied Physics


PhD in Engineering

Tel-Aviv University

Faculty of Engineering


MSc in Engineering

Ben-Gurion University

Faculty of Engineering

1984 – 1988

BSc in Electrical Engineering

Cum Laude.

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Subject of research: Optical filters, Polarization mode dispersion – high order modeling and compensation, Polarization properties of Bragg gratings.

Subject of thesis: Polarization Mode Dispersion in Fiber Lasers and Fiber Sensors.

Conducted under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Tur.

Subject of thesis: Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Between Rare Earth Ions in Doped Laser Materials

Conducted under the supervision of Prof. Stanley Rotman.

Enhanced fields: Electro-optics, Communication and Computers 

Project: A computerized electro-optical device for tracking eye movements


California Institute of Technology

Post Doctoral Scholar


Arroyo Optics



Rupin Engineering School

(extension of the University of Coventry)



Tel-Aviv University

Ph.D. Student

Laboratory Instructor


Israeli Air Force - Technological Research Branch


Attaining rank of Major


Israeli Air Force - Flying Cadet Academy


Theoretical and experimental research in the field of Fiber-Optics including: Design and analysis of optical filters, Polarization properties of Bragg gratings, High Order Polarization Mode Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensation.

Research and Development of optical filters, Interleavers and add/drop grating assisted fused couplers. Measurement and mitigation of group velocity dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, polarization dependent transmission in optical components.

Teaching undergraduate students a basic course in Electrical and Electronic Circuits. Writing and grading student tasks. Conducting and grading students examinations.

Theoretical and Experimental research in the field of Fiber-Optics including: Polarization related phenomena in Fiber-Lasers, Fiber-Laser Dynamics, Polarization Mode Dispersion and Fiber-Sensors. The research requires developing theoretical models, performing computerized simulations, assembling experimental set-ups, conducting computerized measurements and analyzing experimental data.

Instructing graduate students in an Image-Processing laboratory. Teaching theory of Image Processing, developing new experiments, composing and grading students examinations.

Analysis and performance evaluation of systems of command, control, communication and radar. Planning, coordinating, supervising and conducting field and lab experiments.

Teaching flying cadet basic courses in: Electronics, Radar, Electro-optics, Computers and Physics. Writing instruction notes for the cadet and a complete text-book on basic electronics. Conducting and grading cadet examinations


  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering

  • Basic Electronics

  • Introduction to Optical Communications

  • Wave Transmission

  • Circuits and Linear Systems


  • Dynamical Optical Filters

  • Statistical Optics and Coherency

  • Optical Measurement Techniques

  • Effects and applications involving light and acoustic waves

  • Eshkol Fellowship of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Fulbright Fellowship of the U.S.-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF)

  • Excellent teacher of year 2003 in the Tel-Aviv University School of Electrical Engineering

  • Excellence in teaching citation for year 2011

  • Rector's top 100 list for excellence in teaching 2013

  • Rector's top 100 list for excellence in teaching 2014

  • Rector's top 100 list for excellence in teaching 2015

  • Rector's excellent teacher of year 2015

  • Rector's top 100 list for excellence in teaching 2016

  • Excellence in teaching citation for year 2016

  • IEEE member since 1996 (Senior Member since 2006).

  • OSA member since 2006

  • SPIE member since 2013

  • A member of the program committee of the IEEE LEOS Summers Topical Meeting on Optical Signal Processing (July 2005)

  • A member of the organizing committee of the Amnon Yariv Symposium (June 2005)

  • Member of the EE school admission committee for M.Sc. studies

  • Program committee member of the European Workshop on Optical Fiber Sensors ( since 2010 - present)

  • PSAGOT program academic contact person (2010 - 2015)

  • Head of the EE school M.Sc.

  • Head of the Faculty M.Sc. committee (since Oct. 2013 - 2017)

  • Member of the TAU M.Sc. committee (2016)

  • Member of grant review committee – Ministry of Science, Space and Technology (2017)

  • Program committee member of IFLA – International (conference on) Fiber Lasers and Applications (2017)

  • Member in academic promotion committee (2016)

  • Head of academic promotion committee (2017)

  • TAU EE school - Head of the Undergraduate Program (2017-2021)

  • IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

  • Journal of Lightwave Technology

  • Optics Express

  • Biomedical Optics Express

  • Optics Letters

  • Journal of the Optical Society of America B

  • EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

  • Journal of Biomedical Optics

  • Sensors & Actuators A

  • Optics Communications

  • BSF

  • ISF

  • PAZI Foundation - Israel Atomic Energy Commission

  • Research program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space

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