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Optics and Photonics Lab

In the Optics and Photonics Lab we develop and study advanced photonic methods involving optical fibers. In recent years we have been focusing primarily on large scale distributed fiber optic sensing systems

Fields of Interest

Fibre Optics

An optical fiber can be described as a glass pipeline which can guide light over great distances with very little loss. The role of optical fibers in today’s communication networks is well known and, indeed, the information era that we live in, could not have been materialized if it wasn’t for optical fibers which serve as the main routes for conveying data all over the globe.

Another very interesting application of optical fibers, which is much less known, is distributed sensing. By launching into the fiber specially designed pulse sequences of light and analyzing resulting light waves which are reflected from different positions along the fiber, it is possible to measure various physical parameters such as temperature and acoustic signals at these positions. During recent years the use of distributed fiber-optic sensing systems has become ubiquitous for a variety of applications such as intrusion detection, monitoring of transportation, leak detection in oil and gas pipelines, border defense and more.

The Team

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saismic sensing.png

Acoustic waves detected by our system

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